My name is Bailey Moreton, and I am an Bachelor of Journalism doing a Combined Honours degree with Political Science. I write for Student Life Network, for the Investigates section. I also write for the Charlatan newspaper at Carelton University, and am a volunteer at CKCU FM, the radio station on campus that broadcasts around the local area on 93.1 FM.

My work also appeared on the crowdsourced journalism site Slant News, before its closure in April 2015.

This is my portfolio work, a collection of articles I’ve written about news, current events, politics and sports. The articles include a diverse array of topics, such as the US election, rising food bank usage, all the way to university sports.

I have interviewed MP’s (including the current Health Minister Jane Philpott), city councillors, doctors and professors, university athletes, and covered an event on Parliament Hill with the prime minister speaking.



Articles that have been published elsewhere have links to the original poster attached at the top.